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why hello there

Name: Sushi or Dean is fine. (I strangely prefer the name Dean, it's kinda cool and I did grow up in a valley lol)
Age: 27
Location: Columbus, Ohio (United States)
What's in your journal: First off... I don't update a whole lot. When I do I mostly ramble about things, real life shit and what's going on with my currently. I'll talk about writing a lot, or pairings at times. Though that's yet to be seen besides one little entry about Dean/Castiel. Some of my earlier journal entries might be depressing. I'm not sure since I haven't read them in awhile. heh
What rating is your journal: I tend to curse, but I'm not vulgar or anything. At least to my knowledge but I'm an adult, so incase I ever do, R.

Favourite SPN season(s): everything below 8. I'm honestly not really into season 8/9 because It doesn't feel like SPN to me anymore. Not the way it used to be. I know the boys have matured and things change, but the constant battle and struggle of Sam and Dean's brotherhood disappoints me and saddens me and it's like constant angst all the time now. I really miss the earlier seasons and sometimes I'll watch them over again. So spoil away if you add me. :3

Favourite SPN character(s): Dean, Sam, Bobby, John, Castiel, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Cassie, Katie!Ruby, Azazel, Jody Mills

Favourite SPN pairing(s): not even gonna lie, total wincest freak here but I do enjoy pairings such as Sam/Jess, John/Jo, Castiel/Jo, Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo, Sam/Castiel, Dean/Castiel, Bobby/Jody Mills, Bobby/Ellen, Dean/Cassie
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Wow, honestly? Does coloring and God count? Because nothing as of late. I tend to write and read a lot for the most part. I have an an interest in the LGBT community as I am genderfluid, bordering on transgender. femaletomale. I act like a dude most of the time but then I tend to squee and fan all over the place at cute shit and I'm reminded I have ovaries. If I ever do anything remotely interesting... I'll like, I dunno, tell you. XDD

Friending policy: Nothing really. I may not update a lot but I'm more than likely to check out your journal for updates and comment if I have something to say.

Where to add you: Hm... here is good. I really don't pay much attention to places like tumblr or facebook. Livejournal has always been my main staple.

What you do in fandom: I write! (mostly j2 but the wincest train is coming soon) I wish I could make icons and stuff, but I fail balls at it so hard.

Other fandoms you like: Final Fantasies 7,8, 10 and tactics. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Haunting Ground, Dexter, Disney Films, Horror Books and Films (aside from spn, this is also an obsession) marvel films (mostly spider-man, x-men and thor), Boy meets World, Adventure Time, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Sailormoon, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, most things on the food network XDD idk, watching diners, dives and drive inns is amusing and those cooking competitions are hilarious... also I do like to cook but don't do it enough.

Other comms you like: spnstoryfinders, spn_j2_bigbang and spnkink_meme
Anything else you'd like to share:

I'd also like to add I'm incredibly silly and goofy. so if we ever talk, just be prepared for total retardedness. I promise I can be serious though and I do care, and like to listen when someone has problems. I'm a nice person for the most part.


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